Whether you have a single coin or an entire collection, we can help you understand the value and are ready to make an offer to buy it. At Rick's Antiques & Coin Center, we are always looking for new or old U.S. gold and silver coins, international coins, medals, and even paper currency. If you aren't sure, contact us to get more information.


We are always buying gold. Old jewelry, broken jewelry, scrap gold, gold bullion - including bars and ingots; we are looking for all types of gold from 10K to 24K and even .9999 fine gold.


Silver is hiding in many New England households. Not sure how much your silver is worth? Bring it to one of our two locations in Wallingford or Branford, CT. Silver could be coin silver, sterling silver, fine silver or some other type. You might have sterling silver items like candlesticks, trophies, platters, bowls, cups, or flatware. Some coins are also made from silver, for example the Morgan Silver Dollar. U.S. coins from before 1965 are often made of 90% silver, making them quite valuable. We pay the highest prices in Connecticut for Silver.


Do you or some in your family have old jewelry? We can help appraise ancient, Victorian, Georgian, Modern, Egyptian Revival, or even Costume Jewelry. Estate jewelry can have different qualities of gold, silver, platinum, or diamonds. It might even have other precious and semi-precious stones like Emerald, Rubies, Sapphires, Amethyst, Topaz, or other attractive stones. Sometimes, valuable jewelry is even made from Bakelite or Amber.

Whether you have one piece or a jewelry box full, we will take the time to help you understand it and may even make an offer to buy it. Contact us with questions or visit one of our two locations.


Depending on who you ask, antiques may be anything over 100 or 150 years old. Chances are that you or someone in your family has an antique. We are always looking for old paintings and watercolors, bronze sculpture, old books, lamps and lighting, garden furniture, old clothing, pottery, old photographs, Coke and Pepsi items, folk art, clocks and watches, and more. 

For a complete list of what we buy, contact us today!


Most people have had a collection at some point in his life. Valuable collectibles may be old toys, trains, advertising, fire department items,  political items, cameras, military items, old maps, slot machines, tin signs, Beatles items, and so much more.

If you are curious about the value of your collectibles, bring them to one of our locations or contact us today.

Free Item Appraisal

We also offer free appraisals if you want to learn about the value of any of the items listed above. Just bring one or many items to either of our two locations in Wallingford or Branford, CT.

Auction & Estate Services

We are always buying at Rick's Antiques & Coin Center, and we pay the highest prices in Connecticut. We can also handle entire estates and bring your items up for auction. If you have any questions, please contact us using the form below or call our Wallingford Store (203) 269-9888 or our Branford Store (203) 481-2646

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